Saturday, February 7, 2009

Voice Actor Greg Ayres Hospitalized after Heart Attack

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American voice actor Greg Ayres experienced chest pains at the Ikkicon event on Friday and was taken to a hospital in Austin, Texas. According to his brother and fellow voice actor Chris Ayres, the doctors determined that he had suffered a heart attack. He is resting until his cardiologist decides on his treatment. Brother, Chris Ayers, says Greg is resting in Austin while doctors decide on treatment.

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Greg I Will Keep You In my Prayers. Be Strong and Stay Safe. Your Fans Love You and are worried about you. Just Get Better and know that we are with you.

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Unknown said...

I saw that you are reporting the story of Greg Ayres unfortunate incident at Ikkicon this weekend. As a friend of the family, I am writing you in hopes that you might consider taking down the blog post. They are trying to keep the matter a private affair. I have been in contact with his brother Chris, and know that he is doing well. I have also heard that a statement is due out later this week about the situation.

Thank You for your cooperation in this delicate family matter,

Richard "Drazz" Townsend