Saturday, October 11, 2008

FUNimation to fans: We WILL do DVDs for Missing Geneon Singles

On the ANN forum in response to the whole FUNi/Sojitz DVD problem, the "Official FUNi Rep" had this to say:
"Hello anime fans,
We do understand your concern regarding the future releases of these two series in which you have already invested so much time and emotion. I won't bore you with the long explanation as to how we came to the decision we did as to how to package these series nor rattle off the many factors that led to that decision.

That being said, we have taken your comments to heart and here's what we are going to do: in addition to the box sets we will ALSO release Red Garden Volumes 4 and 5, Pumpkin Scissors v.5, and NHK v.5. They will be available through The Right Stuf in December -- though street dates have not yet been finalized. Volume 6 for all three of these series will be available at a later date, still to be determined, and will also be available via The Right Stuf.

Best regards -- Official FUNi Rep"

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