Monday, August 11, 2008

Pokemon : Not So New Pokemon News Pt1

For those who don't know about all the recent happening in the Pokemon World let me fill you in starting with the 11th Pokemon Movie.
The 11th Movie Pokemon: Giratina and the Frozen Sky's Bouquet: Shaymin (Wiki Site) Which hit theaters in Japan on July 19, 2008, is the sequel to a Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai and a prequal to Pokemon Movie 12. This movie Debuts Shaymin(Pic) and its Sky Form(Pic), Giratina(Pic) and its Origin Form(pic), Regigigas(Pic), and The Return of Dialga(Pic).
After the Japan's Dvd release, the Movie Will Hit Cartoon Network dubbed in 2009 following a U.S. DVD release. More info as it is released.

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