Sunday, July 20, 2008

xxxHOLiC volumes 1-3 (Omnibus Edition) Manga Thoughts


I have always loved anime and CLAMP's work in anime. I always told my self i would never read a manga and usually made fun of people who did. over the past year I was so in love with Tsubasa and xxxHolic. I knew of the crossover and the relationship between yuuko and clow reed. I was in the bookstore one day and thought What the heck and went to the manga section. I noiced the xxholic book and picked it up. I opend a couple of pages and I saw it Sakura's wand being held by Watanuki. That was it I fell in Love. now im reading the xxxholic and tsubasa mangas to experence all the crossovers.

What I Think:
The xxxHolic manga is not so different form the anime. I noticed that things happen in different order from the way they happen from the anime. There are also mini minor refences to Clow Reed and tie in w/ the Tsubasa crew. I enjoy this series very much and will try to read them all. The experence see to both sides of a sory line is the best experience a person can get.

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